Fire Station Foundation Wall Remediation

Cornelia Fire Station Cornelia, GA

The basement wall at the Fire Station in Cornelia, GA had significant leaks and was being burdened by hydrostatic pressure behind the wall. The wall had bowed slightly inward and showed some signs of distress.

The wall had been backfilled previously as part of an addition project. The soil in the backfill was not placed using proper compaction methods and as a result had significant settling. Additionally, the walls did not have proper drainage and were not prepared or treated properly to prevent leaks into the basement.

We identified the problems and, with assistance from Runkle Consulting on the structural aspects of the project, came up with a solution to remediate the problem. The solution consisted of repairing the existing drainage systems, digging out and replacing the fill material behind the wall, placing proper waterproofing and drainage material along the wall and at the foot of the wall, and placing structural channels along the interior of the wall.



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 The firemen wanted to use the basement as a berthing area for the firemen

 Conditions at the fire station caused significant flooding in the basement rendering this space unsuitable for any use






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Compaction at Cornelia Fire Department Armstrong ConstructionC-Channels at Cornelia Fire Department

Compaction of newly placed fill dirt behind wall.

Channel Support and wall repair from the basement